Drug coverage, availability and uses are all subject to change and although we do our best to ensure accuracy, we are not responsible for any errors caused by inaccurate representation of data.

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Drug Pricing:

All drug prices are approximated and largely underestimated and are subject to frequent changes. Listed prices do not include mark ups and dispensing fees which are individualized throughout all pharmacies. Drugs in drug class lists are ordered based off the lowest priced formulation of each particular drug. For example: Fluoxetine’s order in the list of SSRIs is represented based off its generic 20mg Capsule (lowest cost formulation), and NOT by the 120mL Liquid. Similarly, Ramipril is ordered in the drug class, ACE Inhibitors, based off the 1.25mg Capsule (0.07 cents), rather than the 2.5mg Capsule (0.08 cents).

Prices for most prescription medications are represented per unit (ie. per tablet/capsule). Other products such as liquids, powders, injectables and OTC products are represented by their pack size.

Some drugs share the same price per unit and thereby are ordered next to each other in no particular preference.